Antagonist- Who Are You?

Here I am at a crossroads with my novel! We all know that the protagonist is the hero of the story! That person takes down the bad guy and wipes the floor with him. That bad guy has it coming, or does he?

I see an antagonist as your evil twin. No inhibition, does what he wants, goes where he pleases, and could care less what others think. This being the case, I am trying to make a realistic antagonist, but I am also trying to write a great mystery. A who dun it like never before. This being the case, I need people who are real. I need people who just make a bad choice and I need that one in a million bad guy!

I have some of him worked out. I know he is male. I know he loves to kill people just because he can. I decided that his day job should be plumbing and heating because that makes him a common, average Joe that fits without being too noticed. It allows him to plant bugs in peoples houses because who would think of looking in their heating ducts for a camera? Or even check the plumbing.

Now, I am trapped by his type of victim. Does he only kill women or will he also kill men? Will he kill to escape being caught? Did he come from an abusive home or a happy, healthy family? Did he start on animals first? Was he abusive to his lovers? Does he like men or women in his bed? Did he play a sport that caused a head injury? Do we need a reason of why he kills?

We ask ourselves questions about our hero’s life all the time. Who is the protagonist? What employment is he/she in? All kinds of questions and we build that character to really great heights, but what about our bad guy? I can’t remember ever reading a book that really focuses on that bad guy. Oh we get whiffs of him or her but do we ever really get to know that person? People say all the time about serial murders that they never expected that guy or that neighbor to be like that. They can’t wrap their head around the idea that this charming neighbor who would give you the shirt off their back could kill or harm someone! Why? What makes you think you aren’t able to kill, let alone your neighbor?

This is where I am at folks. I hope you are reading the chapters I have released and please leave feedback on them! Meanwhile, I am becoming my antagonist and working on him. I hope to make him seem like your next door neighbor. Here is to working a realistic bad guy!