Antagonist- Who Are You?

Here I am at a crossroads with my novel! We all know that the protagonist is the hero of the story! That person takes down the bad guy and wipes the floor with him. That bad guy has it coming, or does he?

I see an antagonist as your evil twin. No inhibition, does what he wants, goes where he pleases, and could care less what others think. This being the case, I am trying to make a realistic antagonist, but I am also trying to write a great mystery. A who dun it like never before. This being the case, I need people who are real. I need people who just make a bad choice and I need that one in a million bad guy!

I have some of him worked out. I know he is male. I know he loves to kill people just because he can. I decided that his day job should be plumbing and heating because that makes him a common, average Joe that fits without being too noticed. It allows him to plant bugs in peoples houses because who would think of looking in their heating ducts for a camera? Or even check the plumbing.

Now, I am trapped by his type of victim. Does he only kill women or will he also kill men? Will he kill to escape being caught? Did he come from an abusive home or a happy, healthy family? Did he start on animals first? Was he abusive to his lovers? Does he like men or women in his bed? Did he play a sport that caused a head injury? Do we need a reason of why he kills?

We ask ourselves questions about our hero’s life all the time. Who is the protagonist? What employment is he/she in? All kinds of questions and we build that character to really great heights, but what about our bad guy? I can’t remember ever reading a book that really focuses on that bad guy. Oh we get whiffs of him or her but do we ever really get to know that person? People say all the time about serial murders that they never expected that guy or that neighbor to be like that. They can’t wrap their head around the idea that this charming neighbor who would give you the shirt off their back could kill or harm someone! Why? What makes you think you aren’t able to kill, let alone your neighbor?

This is where I am at folks. I hope you are reading the chapters I have released and please leave feedback on them! Meanwhile, I am becoming my antagonist and working on him. I hope to make him seem like your next door neighbor. Here is to working a realistic bad guy!

A quick blog note

I am here but working on stories. I am going to release a chapter for the Ackerman Lake Murders. Please leave feedback. Let me know if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. I am working on several chapters and stories right now but they are not released. I am working on some self care blog ideas. I will post when I think it is at the right moment for everyone to give me feed back.

Miss Nose is working on some political news as well! She is doing research and trying to get interviews with candidates. Wish her luck!

My business plan for the 1.4 Billion Dollar Powerball Lottery Winnings

I hear plenty of people say, “I want to win the lottery so I don’t have to work”.  I, on the other hand, want to work! I have a ton of dreams that I need an investor for. Since banks won’t lend me the money for my dreams to come true, then I have to try elsewhere. I figure if I win the lottery then it is like everyone in the universe becoming my investor. They all believe in my dream.
What are my dreams? Well most are to put other people to work. I asked a bank recently for a loan to put in a charging station. I was laughed at for that one since they have no idea who in the U.P. would become my client and they said if a gas station came to them to request this, they would fund that. A charging station is a fill-up station for hybrid cars. Think about all the savings we would have with hybrids and all the tourist that could then fill-up here with their hybrid cars.
The next dream is to buy some old motel/hotels and turn them into stunning spas! I want to take all the old rooms and make them into affordable offices for people in the healthcare realm. Think of the chiropractors, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, and beauticians all in one spot.  I want physical therapists and personal trainers on the spot giving people the best workout. This way you don’t become injured and if you are injured you can become healthy. I want hotels that already have the pool, sauna, and hot tub! It will make the conversion easier.
Next will be to get our mechanic business all the equipment that needs to set up fully. We have  already added in the snow removal to the business but we need equipment. To be fully functioning we need snow plows, ice/sand trucks, and all the technology to fix your car. Then it is off to hire great mechanics. Since I hate it when people say get this fixed, charge you an arm and a leg, but then that wasn’t what needed to be fixed or they fix it wrong, I want mechanics who are willing to go the distance. You have to know what you are doing. Be an expert and a professional. Know that you need to charge but be flexible and most importantly fix what is really wrong the right way! Honesty and integrity are important!
I would love to open a restaurant. Not really on my to do list but something that would be beneficial to my spa. I like different ethnic food and I love it when it is cooked authentically. I think it would be wonderful to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes from around the world. You can get a hamburger anywhere but where can you get the best soups, sandwiches, salads, and cuisines that offer zero meat.
I really want a coffee shop. That is my dream job. To smell coffee all bloody day long! I want to be able to sell you a can of coffee along with a cup. That is the most awesome idea I have! I would love to have an in house band there as well playing cool jazz in the background. I use to want it to be a bar but I love coffee more than alcohol and I think it would be better for all society. This way someone fighting an addiction can come in without temptation knocking at the door. It would be great to have wifi in there as well.
Then there is my farming. This year we planted tobacco and found out it will grow here! Next is to try coffee. I want to build a heated barn for the horses and chickens. Oh I can see my chickens now! The look on their faces as they get into their nesting boxes all warmed up with heat! They may never want to leave! They love mealworms and I can see them chasing each other around a heated barn wanting that one worm. Farming takes a ton of equipment. I need the equipment and farm hands for harvesting. That should put a few people to work! I hope they love coffee as much as I do. I need to plant corn, wheat, oats, and veggies for my chicken feed. I bet the horses can eat that as well. Think of the yummy corn bread! I also need a functioning building to grind all the corn, wheat, and oats to make flour and feed with.
Then there is charity. I wish I always had money to help someone when they need it most. Someone has a fire and I don’t have money to even help them buy clothes. I can go through mine and give them what I can, but that doesn’t get a new house built for them. Some have insurance for that but not everyone does. What about those with medical bills? It would be great to give them some extra cash or pay for a procedure they need. I could give money to places that help people with their rent, heat, lights, and food. I could help with the homeless.
Then there are the animals. I would love to set up a Mr. Nose fund to help with TNR for ferals, low income spaying/neutering, and rescues. Then I could put together the Dirt Bag fund. My Dirty, who is again gone, was found after 4 months with an embedded collar. I didn’t have the money but I figured it out. It would have been great if our local shelter had the funding to help me. I am not sure what to name my special fund for getting pets out of jail when they decide to run away from home. I have to think on a name for that fund. Those animals always think  the grass is greener at the neighbors house. Crazy pets and their wanderings. Always a worry if they will need medical attention because they decided to leave the yard. I would help the no kill as well. I can’t see ending a life because you are homeless. I would love to create an animal shelter that also takes in the homeless people. Those people could help the animals for room and board!
Then there is family. They always need cash and new cars. I don’t mind helping them when they need something like money for gifts or their car needs to be fixed. I know my family. They wouldn’t ask at all for anything! But it would still be nice to be able to help them out with a teeny bit of cash.
I would love to help out my friends from time to time as well. They may need money in an emergency. They may need money to start an idea so they can make their own money. They might get into a bind and just need help because of some lesson they need to learn. You never know. It would just be nice to help when needed.
Anyway, that is my business plan to the universe. I hope you will invest in my dreams where banks won’t! As you can see. I have plans! I have ideas! I know people just like me who need help with starting something in life. It is always great to invest in a dream that one can turn into a reality.

Miss Nose World News Report for January 10, 2016

We are all excited that no one won and now the jackpot is up to 1.3 billion dollars. Do you know how much cat nip we can buy with that? We can run our own cat nip business.

After a night of singing, ‘ I want to be a billionaire’ and catching mice, it was time for us all to sleep. We all passed right out.

As you can see the entire staff needed cat naps after finding out we didn’t win but will try again on Wednesday. The staff has already continued their singing of ‘I want to be a billionaire’. Let the party begin.


Miss Em



Miss Nose World News Report For January 9 2016

On tonight’s New Moon, we open with the world’s biggest jackpot for Powerball.  I hope you have all wrote out those abundance checks! With the jackpot being at 900 million, all the staff cats are running around singing, “I want to be a Billionaire so freaking bad!” That song hasn’t stopped playing. My ears are starting to hate said song and it is annoying me.

It is snowing like crazy here in the U.P. No idea how we will get to Lansing when we win the major jackpot. One of us is bound to win since the whole staff has gotten powerball fever!

I talked with a chanting group on Facebook. They picked numbers and all the members bought tickets with those numbers. They have meditating and chanting to Lakshmi and chanting Dr. Pillar’s Shreem Brzee for 1 mala a day. A mala is 108 times.

Well, I hope we win! Good luck to you all! I hope whomever wins helps us animals! May the Universe bless you all!


Miss Em!