Happy Thanksgiving

Miss Emerald Nose here with our Thanksgiving News!

We had turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, stuffing, and pie.  All was quiet in the house today. Not much going on. Our neighbor came over. His name is Big Red. He had his hens with him. We all sat down together for a warm meal.

We had a wild time here with our big meal. Plenty of conversation and games. You gotta love a day that takes your mind off of the world.

It is raining today. It seems befitting. We are missing those who aren’t with us to celebrate. We hope your day has been great!

More news on the way.




With a heavy heart


I left on Monday, November 16 to bring my daughter to Marquette for an appointment. I said good bye to Mr. Nose and left. My youngest daughter got home just before us. We came home put out dogs and such. Later that evening we were feeding the cats when we discovered Mr. Nose and his mom, Charlotte, were missing. We had no idea where they were. Charlotte came in the next morning, Tuesday. We searched on Monday night, and most of Tuesday. We left for a couple of hours to run some errands. I said some prayers to find Mr. Nose. When we got home I saw feet sticking out from behind a car we have parked next to the garage. I ran over. There was poor Mr. Nose. Someone had torchered him and threw him back in my yard! Dave buried him. I have been crying and mourning since Tuesday yet, something inside of me keeps saying, “Mr. Nose is alive and will be home soon.” I know it is probably nothing more than denial or my brain trying to deal with the trauma, but this small voice is so nagging I am at the point where I am thinking about digging up the body and double checking. I want so bad for Mr. Nose to be alive and home with me. But, I can’t deny the cat in the grave either. I find myself calling for him as well. It sounds weird I know,  but I wonder, could that small voice be right? I don’t think so. I decided I will let you all know. I am having a hard time writing right now and I so miss my Nose!

I have been off for a while and came back to a very new wordpress! There is a new format!