A Final Stab at Writing for Class Now Onto the Future

This next month I will be finishing up all the Writing 101 emails I missed writing. I have a few I am still working on. I hope to get them done soon. I will put them with the Writing 101 tag so you can still read them.

This next month I will be adding some short stories I have been working on. I hope to get all my stories done by the end of October. I am not signed up for a new class yet but I hope to get one in this month as well. Maybe I will retake Writing 101.

This next month I will be looking for a new office for my business, bringing the baby ferals down to the shelter, selling more eggs, and finishing my fall cleaning schedule. I have my cleaning broken down for less stress but a clean house.

This next month I will be renewing my massage license and insurance. There is so much to do in this next month. I even have Halloween to plan.

This next month I hope to see everyone again. I hope your blogs stay strong and your writing stays fresh. I will miss you all and I thank you all for the feedback and love.