To Write or Not To Write

HA! Today’s assignment for Writing 101 is about taking a break and getting refreshed so you can come back and write brilliantly. NOT! Do you have any idea what my day is really like? I laugh because I never get a chance to seriously sit down for even 5 minutes to write.  I barely have time to make a pot of coffee or take a shower let alone write! I need to find the time to write.
I have a house to clean from top to bottom. I actually have divided that out so every day I clean a different room, but there are chores that have to be done daily especially when you live on a farm. I have chickens that are up before the sun and demanding food. They know right where my bedroom window is and let me tell cha those roosters know how to fly up to the window and crow loudly. Best alarm clock in the world! Can’t beat a hungry rooster I tell you! Then I have to clean the hen house, clean up the yard when I can, do the dishes, cook the meals, take care of the feral kittens, take care of the macaw, cockatoo, and cockatiels, take care of the dogs, selling eggs which means gathering them, washing them, and taking them to places to be sold, and taking care of my kids.

Best alarm clock in the world is a hungry rooster!

Oh, yes, my kids lets talk about them for a moment shall we! Well, they have orchestra and band activities, plays, French club, homecoming, posters to be drawn, and what ever else they can find to include themselves into after school like having lessons for their instruments or teaching their instrument to another. I am the taxi for now at least until they get their licenses to drive. Maybe I might get some time then to write! Then there are the doctors appointments for the children. I rarely go to the doctor since I really don’t have the time. Homework and more homework. And I really shouldn’t forget all the running to the school about this or that. I swear the staff at our local school can not function without me.
cant you function without me
The kids and weekends are totally fun. We have to go fishing when we can. We have to go bike riding because winter will be here soon and then we will have to sled everywhere. And then the endless amount of begging for a horse. Sigh. A HORSE! Just what I need. Are there any planets where the day lasts longer than 24 hours? I need one that is about 72 hours long! 
Then I have my sister who lives in New Jersey. I do a ton of cleaning, selling eggs, and other things all while talking to her for 4 plus hours a day on the phone. Those phone calls are usually about our youngest sibling and the fact she is a ding bat. Of course she always makes me run and check on our mother who is totally glued to the ding bat! That is always a waste of time if you ask me. I keep thinking, “I could be home right now on my computer writing.” Instead, I am at my mother’s house bitching because her house smells from not cleaning her cat boxes.
I could be writing
And I really can’t forget all the relatives I have right now in nursing homes dying. I go and visit them as well. I much rather be seeing them alive than going to a funeral. I figure my time is better spent visiting them and having memories than just going to their funeral and crying about not seeing them more.
My dad is constantly coming over as well. He usually hangs out in the garage with Dave fixing the endless amount of cars. Dave works from our house so he really doesn’t have to worry about leaving. I on the other hand do. I don’t have a home office. I wish I did. It would be great! I keep telling him I need a little hut made in our yard. One big enough for my massage equipment. That would be so much better than driving those 2 hours every day. It would also be great if I could live somewhere like Hawaii. Then I could have my business on the beach in really hot weather. I hate the snow.
Lastly I have my poor massage business. Where I find time for clients I will never know. I drive an hour to my office, work 4 hours there, and then drive an hour home. That takes 6 hours of my day alone.
I really do try to work out when I can. I usually do it while sneaking in an hour of watching television or while on the phone with my sister. I am totally grateful for speaker phones. I don’t see much of my telly show doing some workouts but at least I try and get two things done at once. Makes sense to me and it makes for less stress by working out and watching telly at the same time. Also leads to less guilt.
Then I help Dave with his business. I call and order parts. I call clients back and set up appointments. I call clients when their vehicle is done.
AH. Sigh. Someday. Some time in the near future. I will find the time to work on my novel. I may even find the time to watch more than 20 minutes on the telly. I can’t wait to just relax and do nothing.
doing nothing

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  1. I have no idea how you do the stuff you do let alone write. Is the four hours on the phone with your sister hyperbole or do you literally spend that long on the phone with her? If so, that’s a part-time job in itself.


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