Where Do I Write

I lost my first 2 paragraphs of this post when my browser page froze on me. I had it going great and then boom. I now have to start all over and I can’t remember exactly how I put everything. I hate it when I lose material and have to start all over again from scratch. Here is the newest version of this post.

I am writing aboard my yacht in 1000 degree weather.

NOT! But since I am unable to complete this dream, I write instead from my kitchen table or from my living room sitting in my recliner. Since I live in a house filled with other people it is hard to find a spot that is quiet enough to think let alone write. As I write this, I have two of my family members both talking. One is complaining about dying in his game and the other is endlessly talking about nothing really. I would love to have a yacht and go out on the water away from everyone else. No one is allowed on my yacht. It is just me and my computer on my yacht. It is peaceful on my yacht. I have NO distractions on my yacht. All I have is the rocking motion of the waves as they hit the sides of my yacht. I may go to sleep with all that rocking. Where ever I go, distractions, but I have learned to kind of tune out those distractions except when it comes to the fact that I am a MOM. Yep. Those type of distractions get my attention faster than a bull seeing a red blanket. I charge in like a raging bull to do what every mother in the universe does, protect those youngins. But I digress.

I had several English teachers with my time here on earth and each one said pretty much the same thing, “YOU CAN’T BE A WRITER UNLESS YOU WRITE EVERYDAY.” or “YOU NEED TO WRITE EVERYDAY TO BE CONSIDERED A WRITER.” Something to that degree is said by every English teacher in the United States. I think they need a new quote but it is a worthy one. I keep paper and a pen in my purse in case an idea hits me in the head like shoe thrown at George Bush. Never know when a rock will fall on you and AAAAAHHHH inspiration for some great story pops in your head. You never know when that urge will come. Sometimes it comes in the middle of some shing ding you were invited to. What can you do? Well if you are me, you grab whatever you can to write with including crayons and you use napkins or toilet paper or whatever else you have in front of you to write on. I was in a restaurant once when a poem hit me so hard. I grabbed the paper mat that was there for my food and I asked some kid that was coloring for a crayon then BANG poem wrote. That is how it goes sometimes when you learn that everyone is a writer. Sometimes some people aren’t the best writers but that is because they don’t write everyday.

One day I want that perfect office or yacht where I can go and sit quietly day dreaming along to that perfect story. That will be the ideal way to write. In a nice quiet spot filled with the right aroma and the right atmosphere, but as much as I complain about my distractions, I really do need them. You see, distractions are muses. They give us new ideas. They give us a new story. I just would like it if everyone would let me finish one story first before giving me new ones.