Writing is hard when you have to do it at home. It is really hard when you have a family and no office to go to. I would love a nice quiet office with no distractions. I would love to be the only person to use the computer. No one else’s little hands touch it. I need an office and a computer of my own. I hate being interrupted by everyone in the house. When I am not doing something they don’t need me, but the second I am, then they demand so much. The second I sit down to write or I am on the phone, BOOM, that is when they all need me. Zero privacy. Give me your attention NOW because you are busy doing something at the moment. Every time I sit down to write, I get someone talking to me, someone wanting something to eat, someone wanting some clothes, someone wanting to talk to me on the phone, someone, someone, someone!

I believe, if all authors say this, it is because they too are distracted. They are distracted by everything in their house. They are distracted by phone calls,by pets, and by people. I feel like Jessica Fletcher sometimes. I am at the table banging out a story on the typewriter and RING, RING, RING goes the damn phone. Then you have someone who needs your help with something like a MURDER!. When do you ever have time to finish your novel if you are out helping the Sheriff solve a homicide?

I wish I had all day where it was quiet and peaceful enough for my creative juices to flow like a fountain of chocolate. My house is never quiet between the others who live here, the birds, the dogs, the cats, the phone, and the chickens. People are always stopping by to buy eggs. They are always stopping in to yiky yak about nothing. Someone always comes around needing help getting out of the ditch. Well, if you wouldn’t drive 155 mph down my road, you wouldn’t lose control of your vehicle. HELLO!

This is why I wish I had a bubble. One where I can have even an hour without someone talking to me. I keep losing what I am thinking about and I end up losing that creative idea. The noise is just too much for my mind to keep on tract. I hate being rude to people but I know sometimes I am. I go to public places with WiFi so I can have that bubble and what happens, everyone who sits next to me starts talking to me. They want to know what I am doing, what I am writing, what about this, what about that, what about the weather. Give me a break! Good grief! I just want a moment of peace!

This statement is possible true to all writers at some point in their lives since distraction hit us all from the very mundane to the most important. We are forever looking for that quiet moment in time where we can just get the writing done. We just want that one moment where our creativity is flowing and we can’t keep up typing out what we are thinking only to have someone break that flow with their sword of need.


When you see someone writing and typing fast, let them be. Let them get that creative moment out. Don’t bug them. That creative juice is lost forever when you get distracted. Then try as you might, you have lost that thought that was so great. You try hard to find that voice again but a new voice is what you actually receive. It will never be that same creative flow once the original flow is broken. Once the original flow is gone so is that once in a lifetime story.


  1. I feel you on that. Been there and still there! I too don’t have time where I can sit in total quiet unless it’s music playing softly through my earbuds. I have started a novel 9 years ago and stop because of distraction. Now I’m back finishing it because I’ll be damn if I go back to that awful times. Let it be known that you have something important you’re doing and don’t bother you. You can’t be there for everyone when you have other important matters you need to tend to. Once you get a story idea in your head or you’re on a roll, and then someone starts nagging… Oh boy! I’m there with you. Put your foot down, your head up, and keep writing. Stay inspired. 😀


  2. I feel you! When I was on vacation a few months ago I starting getting up at 5am and would free write for 2 hours. I promised to continue when i got home but with no beach there was less inspiration. But this morning i did and it was great! Maybe you could too?!


  3. Writing if not an easy task but cultivating good practice has helped me a whole lot. I agree with Marquessa about waking up a tad earlier and getting something done. Works wonders. Good luck and kind regards.


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