Diamond and Emerald Nose Make a List


Emerald Nose here. I am a roving reporter and on the hunt for more than just mice. My dear brother wants to be a great detective and mouse hunter. I myself enjoy a good mouse once in a while but I really love a great news story. One day, I want to be THE TOP ANCHOR  on our local TV station.

I really tried waking him up for today’s top news ideas.


I have a list and I hope you can all help me decide which one to do.

  • An educational piece on why cats eat the head first of mice
  • What every cat loves
  • Top Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/whatever else you call that gift giving season in human terms gift ideas for cats.

I have lists to go with those lists. Give me an idea. I guess Diamond is too wore out from his energy questions and tarot questions to join us in making our lists. Just so you know, I want a new computer of my very own that I don’t have to share with anyone for the gift giving season. Now if I can just get Mr. Nose up!


Until the next news update this is Miss Emerald Nose letting the mice fall quietly as the news comes softly. Over and out, Em!