Baby Baby Needs Coffee! A Nothing Episode From Da Hen House.


Have a wonderful day while we are writing. Just a little post to let you know we are still here. We are working on stories. Baby Baby, Mr. Nose, and myself are keeping busy. We are working on part 3 of the Katie story. We have the book we are working on plus we are working on a fantasy story for fantasy Friday and a mystery for Monday.  Not sure if we will have them done for this week but you will know as soon as they get up.


We have been brainstorming on how to make extra cash here on the farm. We were thinking about have a meet the chickens coffee day! We are thinking about having a petting zoo. We are thinking about having an egg day hunt where you can pretend it is Easter and look for eggs around the yard. Could even get out the tractor and wagon for hay rides!

Who needs cats when a rooster will do?
Who needs cats when a rooster will do?

This young rooster is competing with the cats! He is mousing. I had to get a picture of him out mouse hunting.

Found out I won’t be going back to work as soon as I thought. Looks like more problems with the liver and pancreas. That means I keep selling eggs and finding other ways to make money with the farm until I can get back. I can’t do anything to strenuous right now which sucks. Good thing Dave and the girls can clean the coop.

May your moon shine brightly. May your harvest be abundant.

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