The Stalking of Katie Part 2

Author’s note: This isn’t quite where I want it yet. I wish I had more time to get it where I like it. Here is part 2 anyway. Everyone has been waiting for it. This is a redo of the original. It is as close as I can remember it being. There are some paragraphs that were detail that I can ‘t remember word for word what I wrote.


Katie walks from the front door and looks at the clock. 9:32. She soon hears light rain coming down on the windows. It is just a sprinkle.  Katie hears a knock on the door. She looks out the window carefully. She sees her friend Jessica. She has an umbrella in her hands. Katie opens the door and exclaims, “Jessica! Am I glad to see you!”

Jessica lives one block away from the Miller’s. She is eager to get in out of the cold and rain.

“Dani called me. She said you were scared and someone is calling you?”

“Yes. It is strange. He just says strange things.”

“Katie, are you sure? You are always so dramatic.”

“Yes I am sure.” Katie snaps at Jess. Jessica’s face turns sour and Katie states, “Sorry Jess. I didn’t mean to snap but it is stressful.’

Katie is grateful for the distraction Jessica gives her. Taking Jessica with her to the kitchen Katie grabs two Wild Cherry Pepsi cans. They stay in the kitchen for a bit to talk. They sit at the island on the bar stools and sway them back and forth as they chit chat and drink the Wild Cherry. Katie starts to settle down and even starts laughing.  They then head back to the living room to sit in front of the computer. They start chatting with Dani again on SocialCard.

At 9:45, the phone rings. Katie looks apprehensive, but is relieved to find it is Mr. Miller’s boss again.

“What time did they leave?” he asks Katie.

“Just before nine.” Katie tells him.

“Well it shouldn’t take them this long to get here.” He hangs up on Katie.

She stares at the phone with a look of puzzlement on her face. Katie isn’t sure how to take this information.

“What is the matter?” asks Jessica reading Katie’s face.

“The Miller’s still haven’t arrived at their party.”

“Maybe they are caught in traffic somewhere.”

“Yeah. That could be it.” But Katie wasn’t convinced and fear was settling in.

Jessica looks at Katie’s face and sees it turn pale. Jessica knows she has to use logic to get Katie back to reality. It is going to take some quick thinking to get Katie from worrying about nothing.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure.”

“Katie. Earth to Katie. I think I am going to start calling parents. You don’t look so good.”

“I am fine.” Katie looks at Jessica. But Jess can see the fear in her eyes. She can see Katie shaking.

“What do you think has happened to them? I am sure they are fine and stuck in traffic.”

“I guess you are right. Maybe they stopped off somewhere to pick something up. Maybe they planned something before the big event. I am so grateful though that the kids are asleep in their beds and I just have to sit here.”

“That’s the spirit. It is good to just sit here and talk to Dani and me.”

“Yes it is. Have you tried that new game on SocialCard? The one where you have to milk a ton of cows and fast.”


“Wanna try on mine?”

“Yeah. I think it may be a lame game.”

“It seems that way until the levels start getting harder and you have to milk more cows faster. They pile up and crash. That is when you lose.”

Katie and Jessica sat down and started playing the Milk A Cow game. They were so into it that they both startled when they heard……


“What was that?” Jessica could barely speak.

“I don’t know.” Katie replied.

Just then Marilyn the Miller’s Golden Retriever came running into the living room. Marilyn is wet from the storm and looks scared.  She runs up to Katie and Jessica. Just as she reaches the two of them she stops and shakes all the water off. It lands on the girls and the computer.  Both girls scream at the dog, “MARILYN STOP! YOU ARE GETTING US WET!” Marilyn stops but decides to shake one more time.

“Oh my, Marilyn! What did you get into?” Katie scolded the dog. “You wanna come with me to see?” she asked Jessica.

“Sure. Why not. My heart needs to slow down.”

They both laughed as they head toward the area where the dog came running.

“The Millers have a doggie door on the backdoor of the house. It is near the laundry room.”

“I bet that stupid dog hit the dryer on his way in.” said Jessica.

Jessica and Katie went past the kitchen and toward the garage. The back door was just right there.  They turned on the light and took a look around the room. Nothing.

“Well, I don’t see a mess. I guess we can go back to SocialCard.” Katie told Jessica

“Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.” Jessica replied back.

They walked by the kitchen and then Jessica said, “Are you hungry? I could munch on something.”

“I am actually. And the Millers have pizza sitting out. Let’s have some of that.”

“That sounds good.”

Jessica and Katie grab paper plates and slices of pizza. They warm them up in the microwave. They then grab cans of Wild Cherry Pepsi and head back to the living room for another round of SocialCard and talking to Dani. As they do, they start to hear the thunder roll in.  Katie is forgetting all about the phone calls and notices the clock says 10:10 pm. She still has two hours of babysitting left to do. Then the phone rings. Katie answers. “Hello.”

“Hello Katie is Jessica with you.”

“Yes she is Mrs. McDonnell. Would you like to speak with her?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok. Here she is.”

Katie hands Jessica the phone.

“Ok mom. I will.”

Just then they hear a beep.

“He is out there right now mom. I am heading home.”

Jessica hangs up the phone, looks at Katie, and says, “My brother was on his way home from a game and mom asked him to grab me. I have to leave now.”

“Ok. Thanks for coming over and staying with me.”

“You are so welcome. It was fun. See you tomorrow at school.”


Katie walks Jessica to the door and watches as she gets in the car. The car speeds off and Katie shakes her head. She watches as the rain slows a bit and hits the sidewalk. She looks at the puddles and thinks about jumping in them like she did when she was eight. She was just getting lost in nostalgia when the phone rings again. The voice on the other end is Jessica’s.

“Katie. He has me. Get out of the house and run. Call the police.”

“Jessica this isn’t funny.”

“Neither is this.” says a creepy voice from the other end. “Go ahead. Call the cops. They won’t find her and you are next.”

Katie hears a knock at the door. Her heart starts beating fast. Her breathing gets harder.  She walks  over to the door slowly with the phone still in her hand. She peers out the window and sees Jessica’s brother Eric. She opens the door and starts talking to Eric.

“Eric. Am I glad to see you.”

“I am here to get Jess. Where is she?”

“Something horrible has happened.”

“What do you mean Katie?”

“I just got a phone call from her. She got into a car. We thought it was you. She hung up with your mom after the horn blew outside.  I just got a call. He has Jessica.”

“Who has Jessica?”

“I don’t know. He has called a few times tonight.”

“Let me in. I need to call my mom. We need the police or someone. Maybe my mom can call my dad. We need help if what you’re saying is true. My sister has been kidnapped.”

Katie moved and Eric walked past her. Her nerves are shot and she is looking around at nothing not able to even think when suddenly she looks at her hands and says,  “Wait. Eric. I have the phone.” She hands him the phone and he calls his mom. He explains to her what Katie just said. “I was on the phone with her when she said you were there.” his mom said. “How could it not have been you?”

“I don’t know mom. I just know I just got here and she is gone. Katie said she got a call. Hold on mom there is a beep.” Eric hits the send button on the phone to answer the other call. “Hello.”

“Eric. Please help me.” He hears Jessica sobbing and it starts sounding further away. “Hello, Eric. Is Katie there?” says a voice on the other end.

“Yes she is. Who are you? Where is my sister? If you hurt her I will beat the shit out of you!”

“Just give the phone to Katie.” snaps the voice.

Katie looks at the clock, 10:35 pm. Eric hands her the phone. “Hello.” Katie says with apprehension.

“Nice to hear your voice again Katie” the voice on the other end sounded like he was smiling. Katie shudders.

“What do you want?”


“You can’t have me. Let Jessica go.”

“Not until I have you.” The voice hangs up the phone. Katie gives the phone back to Eric.  She turns around so Eric can’t see her cry. She feels helpless and her anxiety is flowing. Katie wishes her parents were at the house to help her. She wants her mom.

Mrs. McDonnell didn’t know quite what to do except call her husband at work. Lieutenant McDonnell operates the major crimes division at the local precinct. She tells him what Eric told her. She knows it sounds weird but it is all she knows for now. Lieutenant McDonnell decides he needs to send patrol officers and one of his finest detectives to the Miller’s home to question Eric and Katie.  He knows just the one to send. He is a rookie and really doesn’t know the lieutenant’s children which is a good thing as far as he is concerned. He needs someone who won’t be taking it personally.

Detective Anthony Pariseau is summoned into his superior officer’s office. “Detective, we have a situation. For me it is personal and I have to step back. I need the best on this.”

“Yes sir. What has happened? You say it is personal so what can I do?”

“My daughter was kidnapped and I need someone to take control and find her.”

“You’ve got it Lieutenant. ”

Anthony heads to his desk. grabs his gun, badge, and notebook. He talks a couple extra pens with him as well. You never know when you will need to edit something. He grabs his tape recorder so he can record the conversations. This will help in court if he has to edit his report. He stops for just a moment to think about anything else he may need then turns and walks down the stairs to the clerk. He has to check out a car. He gets the keys and heads to the parking garage.

Detective Pariseau is driving to the Miller’s as the rain starts. It is pouring in spots and just drizzling in others. The wipers swish back and forth as he sits in the car thinking.  He was wondering why the Lieutenant decided to have him investigate. Anthony is the youngest person on the squad. He does have degrees the others don’t but that is to be expected with every new generation coming in. The road is dark and slick with puddles. The rain isn’t letting up and is coming down at a good pace. The beating back and forth of the wipers really makes his head hurt as he is trying to figure out this puzzle. He almost misses the Miller’s home.  Anthony has to back up the car to go back to the house. He turns it into the driveway in reverse. He slowly gets out of his car and looks around.  He likes to be through and really look at everything. He peers around by the windows and notices shoe prints. The rain is really doing a number on them. He calls in forensics. He knows these won’t last long at all and heads back to his car. He opens the trunk and pulls out a tarp. Not the best way to preserve evidence but it will help with the rain washing away the evidence. He needs to look around the outside of the house and then take notice of the inside. He talks to the first responding officer. Protocol dictates this is step one of any investigation.

Detective Pariseau interrogates Katie about the nights events. He wants to know the exact time the first call came in, he wants to know if anyone else has called. He is floored when she told him that Mr. Miller’s boss has called twice saying they weren’t at the party yet.

“You didn’t find this a big deal?” he asked Katie.

“Well at first I did but then Jessica said they could be stuck in traffic. They could be anywhere right now even at the party.”

Detective Pariseau then asks Katie about the car Jessica climbs into, but Katie can’t remember what color or type of car Jessica got into but it must have been similar to Eric’s or she wouldn’t have gotten in.  He decides to put a tap on the phone and wait for the next phone call to come in.

Detective Anthony Pariseau says to Katie, “Anyone else in the house tonight?”

“What? That is a crazy question.”

“How is that crazy ma’am?”

“Well duh, I am babysitting” says Katie sarcastically. “Mr. and Mrs. Miller left just before nine and the kids were already in bed when I got here.”

“So you haven’t really seen the Miller’s children tonight.”

“Well no. They are in bed sleeping.”

“With the noise downstairs?”

“We didn’t make much noise officer.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Check upstairs. Check the bedrooms and see if the kids are sleeping.”