A Thursday Telling About Nothing Except the UP STATE FAIR

Tuesday we headed off to the Upper Peninsula State Fair. We wanted to go Wednesday and Thursday but we are experiencing rain at the moment. It is monsoon time here in da UP.

The Fair this year has Skerbeck’s Carnival AGAIN. I hate Skerbeck’s. They really don’t have great rides. They charge $22 on Tuesday – Thursday and then $25 for Friday and Saturday. They charge $20 on our two half days of Monday and Sunday. Monday the Fair doesn’t open until 5 pm and then closes by 10 pm. They are still setting up on that day as well. Sunday they close at 5 pm and start tearing down before that time. So really the Fair is only 5 days here.


There is face painting in the Ruth Butler building.


Plus the DNR’s Pocket Park is open to everyone. There is archery, shooting, and fishing.


The best places to go see at the Fair is the barns. We have the cow barns, pig barns, sheep barn, poultry and rabbit barn and the best animal that everyone loves HORSES. This year though poultry was banned because of the avian flu. My kids were upset since they have roosters they wanted to enter into the events. We have the Miracle of Life barn where everyone can come and watch a cow, sheep, pig, or any other animal give birth.


Want a great place to visit go to the Steam and Gas Antique Village. They have a museum, an old school house, a cook shack, a general store, a lumber mill, and several other shops.


I hope you enjoy the pictures with history in them. There is a ton more to see and when I get back there I will take pictures of the stuff I didn’t get to. Look for part 2 to come soon. I hope. Especially since they have a petting zoo and a new type of game where you get inside a ball and walk on water. It is called WOW.


May your farm be profitable.

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