A Musty Monday Adventure of Nothing.

Today is #blackcatappreciationday. I put up pictures of Charlotte and Cinderella on Twitter for the event. I got a great one of Charlotte tonight in the laundry room. 


This shows her inner demons so well. lol. She won’t let us touch her or anything. She is feral after all.

I found some more pictures of me at younger ages. I am going to add those to my about page called Who Are You.

I have been writing more on Evernote. I am working on my novel plus a bunch of short stories. I have two articles I am writing for my massage business and one for Reiki. Busy, busy, busy little writer I am. I signed up for the Writer’s 101 class as well. See you all in that class in September.

The UP State Fair starts today. I will be going sometime this week. When I do go I will get some pictures and blog about it.

I still need to get to Watersmeet. I want to see that Paulding light. That will be another blog right there.

I am working on my Stalking Katie story as well. I should have a new version of Part 2 this Saturday. It won’t be like the old one but I tried hard to remember as much of it as I could. At least the plot and where I was going with the story.

Today I bought the kittens giant size balls with bells in them. My house is now a soccer field. I have kittens batting them all over the house.

May your night be warm. May your happiness shine.


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