A Little Thursday Update Really About Nothing.

Surgery went well. I am sore. I have a sore throat. I don’t know yet if the pancreatitis will be back yet or not. I have stuff to be posted while I am healing. I noticed my stats weren’t what they usually are. But then, I have been on a health issue.

I came home to no Fluffy. We lost her.


I miss her wonderful soul. She was a joy to be around. I hate the fact she won’t be here for a long time nor will she have a loving family in her furever life. Her journey was short but honorable.

A moment of silence for Fluffy as she runs to the Rainbow Bridge!

I came home to another SURPRISE! 


Twelve more souls on my doorstep needing a warm place and new homes. This one feral mom keeps taking all the other kittens into her tote. As you can see she stole Jude and now he is being used as a comparison to the other kittens.

I have quite a few days of blogging 101 to catch up on. Still not feeling the best but I am going to try and get there. I have been bored and I started looking up opportunities on freelance writing. I found quite a bit that I know those of you in blogging 101 and in blogging 201 will like to check out. This could be your greatest opportunity to break into the writing world.

Upwork has jobs listed with a price. You may want to look into some of these. I mean, who wouldn’t want to write a paranormal romance novel!

The Writers Bureau, which sounds like a government conspiracy website to take down bloggers everywhere, has a list of what to do and not to do for your freelance blogging. I don’t really agree on the court reporting. If you are a legal expert or a law student, I think court reporting can be beneficial. This can help you get clients. It can help you really understand the law better and we all know that teaching something to someone else can help you learn.

There are many articles out there for you to explore on freelance writing. Just a thought for everyone.

May your day be long! May your night show the stars!


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