Sunday’s Best Round Up News About Nothing At All

The best news I have for you all is…………The chicken coop only needs a new door and some siding. We took the old door and put it on til we can get a new one. We have the roof up and the chickens in. They even have a porch. After my surgery I will take newer pics of the new coop with all the tools cleaned up but I do have some from today.


The chickens are really excited about their new porch. Our big, fat, mean roo is already thinking he is cock of the walk on the porch.


Cheech and Chong seem to not really care about anything but worms.


We tore down the old coop. It served its purpose until this one was made. A moment of silence for the old coop!

My rockstar is trying to be a farmer today. lol.


Isn’t she cute?! Yeah she will go far in the modeling world.

Tonight we have thunderstorms which sucks. Last night we had the best sunset. Well, until the next best sunset anyway.


I only had my flip phone to take the sunset photos so they aren’t spectacular. Neither is this picture of so called deer. I wish I would have taken my Fire phone. You can’t even see the deer in this picture.


I have the best cat ever. I just love sitting around talking to my Dirt Bag. He is so cute and lovable. He sits and actually meows back to me like we are having a conversation.


There he is sitting like a prince. He thinks he is king of the homestead!

I had a fellow blogger give me some excellent advice. She told me about EverNote. Holy crap Batman! That is an excellent program. It is like OneNote on steroids. If you need something to house your articles and let you write at the same time, get Evernote. I just love it.

May your rain fall softly. May your rooster crow at dawn.


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