Horrible News and some amusement from Mr. Nose plus A Moral for the Story!

I recently completed a scan for malware on my computer. The scan froze my computer and I had Word programs open on the sidebar. I lost three documents. One was an assignment for Blogging 101, one was my stories for the Fantasy Friday Event (which I did get all into posts here before I ran the scan, so grateful for that), and the other was my story called ‘The Stalking of Katie.’ I had 1500 words that I was going to use today for that story as part 2. I now have to rewrite it completely and hope I get it as close as I can to the original. The other two documents are totally gone. I can’t find them anywhere on the computer. I need a forensic team to help me find them. They are lost in data universe where nothing returns.

For Katie, I was going to have a part 3 for sure. It was getting long and I didn’t have a ton of time to get it all in. Which is why I was going to put the 1500 words I had as a part 2 for you all to read and comment on. I am sorry it won’t be up or ready in time.

I told Mr. Nose about my Loss. 

I ended up losing three documents and couldn’t get one which was very important to me to open up. It kept saying corrupt. So I decided to talk to Mr. Diamond Nose. I went to him for advice and this is what I got! 


“But Mr. Nose. I lost my files and I need help! I need to get the Katie story out to all our fans! They are awaiting a Saturday Caturday Suspense Story. What am I going to do? I am so doomed”

Mr. Nose sat right up


and said, “What? You lost it all? Really? I will help my human.”

He ran straight for my chair and computer.


He sat down and is now rewriting the Katie story!

Moral of the Whole Story

When you run a scan of any kind close your Word documents and save them!

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  1. That sucks! I wouldn’t know how to get them back, but if anything I would suggest you write future stories in Google docs, or outlook(hotmail). They have an auto sace feature that saves everything to an online account. This way if anything happens to your actual computer your documents will be safe.

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