A Thursday Episode About Nothing!

I SOLD EGGS TODAY!  I know. I know. Big whoop. But to me it means I have less eggs in my fridge. I get two dozen eggs a day and that is way, way, way too many for a family of four to eat. I usually bring some down to my cousin and sister. I give them to friends and any other relative I can think of. I don’t want them to go bad so I give them away. I even take some down to local charities that run…

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Jade Helm Story First Fantasy Friday Event


August 7, 2015

This weeks story is about Jade Helm. Here are some links to help you with your story.

Breaking News! Secret Document Reveals Jade Helm Just Expanded To The Midwest!

2 Men Open Fire On Soldiers At Jade Helm Training Site In Mississippi

Jade Helm 15: Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

Marines Fired On Near Jade Helm Training Site

US Army Special Operations Command PDF

One Person Detained After Second Shooting At Mississippi Jade Helm Site

It all started on hot day in July. July 15th 2015 is when it really started but news about it had actually come at the beginning of the year. Everyone knew right away what this was going to be and they were right.

There were news headlines of citizens firing upon the military. Bombing in some of the military areas were reported along with citizens being detained.  The media was all over what was happening to the military personnel until that one fateful day.

Our town was put on lock down and is still on lockdown. All we can hope to do is get out of this city and get out alive.  I am Jackson Montgomery. I am a journalist for a Texas underground newspaper called the Rebellion. We are collecting stories to get them out to the rest of the world. Here are some of the stories we have collected.