A Wacky Wednesday Episode of Nothing

I decided to try a post from my mobile to see how I can edit it or how it can be edited on computer later.

Wednesday started out amazingly enough. I woke up early since I got a ton of sleep yesterday.

Diamond is in bed with me right now trying hard to mess up my post.

I came up with an idea for an event while I am in the hospital. I am going to start a story and within 2000 or less words others can finish it. I hope to put up three different ones. One for each Friday. This Friday being the first. I want this over and done. I want to eat again
Last time I ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis. Three days I had to be there. I hate hospitals.


I did some face painting with my gal. She asked me to do it. I am on my second ball of yarn for the blanket I am making for my cousins baby.


I captured Joe in all his glory. They say my Macaw is a boy but he acts like a female.



I have a video of him going after me. His blankets are inside his cage. He throws them around like he is making a nest.


I caught this at 9 am. The moon still out and showing.

May your moon shine brightly
May your ground never frost.


2 Replies to “A Wacky Wednesday Episode of Nothing”

  1. Smiling here…..It looks good from your phone.
    I hate the thought of you being in the hospital. I hate the thought of me being in one.
    Love Love the pic.
    Danny had pancreatitis over Christmas 2 years ago. He was in the hospital for 3 days as well. Most of the 4th.
    I hated that as well.
    If you get bored you can always email me….sarahkasch@juno.com
    You hang in there.
    My face would look better face painted now. I have a huge butterfly rash on it now.
    Hugs Sarah


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