Turnback Tuesday, I want a redo. Another episode of nothing

Today has been long and no time to write. I had to get the new car transferred over and then off to Marquette for a 4 hour long doctors appointment for my daughter. Gotta love days like this.

This post is going to be short. Because that is all I have. Four hours at a doctors office and then we went to Michael’s for some craft supplies. I got some really soft blue yarn to make Ally a blanket for her premature baby,  Blake.  I tried to get the kittens to sit for a photo shoot again with the cards. They want nothing to do with that. Now, I am crocheting and trying to write some stories for Friday and Saturday. I have to hustle.

I am thinking about putting in a Fantasy Friday event for the next two Fridays while I am in the hospital. Surgery is August 10 so I won’t be blogging much.

Working on some blogging 101 assignments now and looking forward to speed writing what I can tomorrow.

May you night always have a full moon!


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