Mr. Nose Knows

A reader recently asked Mr. Nose if s/he should go back to work or will the recent job be a good option?

Mr. Nose thinks you must be self employed by asking that question! He shuffles the cards and spreads them out.

“Hmm” he says as he pulls the first one out of the middle.

“Let’s see.” hes says as he grabs one near the right of the card deck.

“I wonder.” he says with a mischievous gleam in his eye as he pulls one from the left side of the deck.

“AHA” he screams as he turns the three cards over.

What he reveals is the Four of Cups, The Moon, and Strength.

“Definitely self employed and thinking not enough cash I see. Must not be satisfied with your job but is thinking about keeping it because to lose it will mean zero cash. But your reality isn’t close to being the truth. You have plenty but you are wanting more. So you are creating a reality of being poor when you are richer than you think.”

Mr. Nose scrunches down to really look deeply at the cards. You can see it in his face. He is getting the answer.


Then he looks up at me and says, “Human. Get your pen out and write this down!” Here is what he dictates to me for our reader.

“You need to look at the facts and only the facts. You have a path leading between your two thoughts. One of your thoughts is doubt and the other is a dream of something big! The road between the two is where you are at. If you stay in doubt, you will never see your dream because you will always be telling yourself, “Well, at least this job puts food on the table.” not where one should ever be when we dream of more.”

Finally, he grabs his cat nip pouch. Takes a huge whiff and says, “You have a great set of skills I see that you are not using. You should be negotiating to get something better like a raise or promotion. Hmm. Maybe you dream of being self employed but haven’t made that leap yet. You have all you need to make your career the best it can be. You have what it takes to lead and be your own boss. No reason why you can’t.”

Then the kitten named Jude chimes in.

“But Mr. Nose, where do you see this?”


“What I see is a human getting drunk next to a tree. That fairy sure is giving him a lot of beer!”


“I see two dogs howling at a face in the moon. Didn’t you and Uncle Stampy tell me the moon is made of cheese? How does a moon made of cheese have a face in it? And look a lobster is coming out of the water. I think this card says our reader is going to have a lobster dinner with two dogs with some cheese moon! This looks like a great party.”


“And this one here. Why is that lady being mean to a lion and closing its mouth shut? That is mean. Muting the poor lion so he can’t speak. I bet Bast will throw her a lightening bolt. Or maybe the fairy just wanted to talk and the lion wouldn’t let her. Hmm. Maybe this is a listen card.”


Then Jude sat straight up. “I GOT IT!”  He exclaimed.




“Amateurs!” Exclaimed Mr. Nose as he shakes his head and heads for the cat nip!


If you want a reading from Mr. Nose, head to our page Mr. Diamond Nose Knows and fill out the contact form there. Add in your question for Mr. Nose and if I can get him to sit still long enough for a reading, we will have it up for you fast. If not, well, remember he is a kitten and possibly high on cat nip!


3 Replies to “Mr. Nose Knows”

  1. YYAYAYAAAYAYYYY! I am lmfao! You are so great. Mr. Nose is the best. Despite the cat nip problem and the amateur interference, he has given me a MOST excellent reading and guidance. And many good laughs. And maybe some hope! I am so glad that you were able to nail him down. He must be a popular guy. I love him! Thank you, thank you! [[cackling with glee]]

    Liked by 1 person

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