Mundane Monday’s Episode About Nothing

Today has been long. I had to help Dave with his business by calling parts stores. He needed parts for the cars he was working on. He did a brake job in like thirty minutes if not less. He is fast.

Then I tried but totally failed to keep up with the comments on blogging 101. Yeah. That was fun. I am still trying to read it. Every time I start to read something or comment, the screen moves because someone else posted and poof a new number on my comment box thingamajig.

I tried to get a least one kitten to sit still to do a Mr. Nose Knows. Do you know how hard it is to get a kitten to sit still? That doesn’t work! I will have to try again tomorrow. I couldn’t get Diamond to sit at all and the three smallest kittens, well, I will let you decide. Look!


Jude is the one with black ears and is sitting with Carmen who is all white. Jude when you pick him up looks like he is praying! I think that is what he wants to do here. Jude and Carmen are both boys. Ruby is the only girl and she has orange on her as well as black. All I got from her was the cold shoulder. Although I did get Jude and Carmen doing the cha-cha.

It was such a lazy day for the cats. All Stampy and Dirty did all day is fight. Then they laid down in the sunshine together until they decided to fight again. Stampy is orange and white. He is one of our county cats that I neutered. Sorry Stampy but I am tired of babies. I got him and four other males neutered this past year. Stampy, though, is my cuddle muffin. He stays near my house. Dirty is my cat. He came from a pure black cat! Figure that one out. And the father was pure black as well! Go figure that out! He was pure white and one day it looked like dirt on him so we tried to wash it off. It wouldn’t come off. Then he started getting darker. That is why we call him Dirty. He keeps getting darker.


I have a basket full of eggs again. I should have enough soon to take to the farmer’s market on Wednesday. We have them on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. I only get two dozen a day so between those days, I don’t get many to bring down. I have usually eight dozen on Wednesday and six dozen on Saturday. They go fast at three dollars a dozen.

May you eggs hatch with hens. May your rain fall lightly!


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