Not So Sunny Sunday at the Hen House about Nothing at All.

Today, we woke up to a storm. The garden is happy. All the little plants are up and about as gay as can be!

“YAY! We have fresh water from the sky gods!” They are all chiming. The heat makes them saggy.


I planted in another spot, but with the grass growing through it I have no idea if any of my seeds are growing.


The chickens are all enjoying a respite from the rain. It is raining on and off here. They all scatter to the coop as fast as they can when it comes down and then just as fast out to look for worms when it stops.


Tilly and Ryder just want to stay in today. Can’t blame them. They went out to do their business and don’t want to be caught up in our rain storm.


The kittens were all playing for a bit. When it started raining again they were screaming at the door. They don’t like the rain. Fluffy, thinks she is a mechanic. She is always by Dave and trying to get inside of engines.


The blue moon has been amazing these past couple of nights. I think I caught a UFO! We went to my Dad’s yesterday for a cook out. We roasted marshmallows and grilled hot dogs. There was potato salad and beans too. Just a small let’s get together gathering. No special reason at all. Just something to do.

20179880452_5b837e29d8_mfull moon July 31 at Island Resort and Casino

19593167004_9abe559874_mfull moon August 1 on Truax Road


I have an egg joke for you. It is very cute. I laughed. I put it on some pictures of eggs and hens from our farm.


Something funny!

I have decided that I won’t post for Cornell News on Fridays and Saturdays since I am working on short stories for those days. Therefore, you will be without farm news for two days. I am thinking about taking one of those days as well and getting a massage post out (meaning Sunday-Thursday).

May the rain keep your plants healthy! May your coffee be warm!