The Grammar Nazis

Reflections on the River has a wonderful Saturday event going on. It is anything “FUNTERESTING“. This can be anything from a new word to a funny story. Here is my event post.

I always thought grammar nazis were a myth or urban legend until I came face to face with them!


I was in a yahoo group on survival. Now FONZANDCANCER has a post up and in his post is the word “allot”. This took me by surprise. I was brought back to that group with the horrible grammar nazis and how they would take apart everyone of my words. They would tell me I wasn’t educated. I didn’t know what I was talking about. And their favorite word to slay me with was how I spelled “alot”.

When I went to school, we learned to spell “alot” with the a right next to lot. But these grammar nazis would get on my ass and say, “it is spelled a lot.” I told them when I was in school in the 1970’s it was spelled as one word. They would all be like, “I don’t think so. No teacher would teach you to spell a lot like alot.” This is how weird these people are. Now I also know that allot is a verb and can be spelled this way. OMG. The grammar nazis were on my case about that one too. “That is not a verb. That is not even a word.”

One day I told them they have allotted too much time to one person. Now allot means grant or apportion. It is a verb. I learned this in the 1970s from my teachers. They got down on me. “No such word. How could I know anything about survival if I can’t even spell. You’re just a dummy.” Which they spelled *your* BTW.  Oh the horror. There were debates between them all over allot being a word or not.

Then one day, I put down, alot of trees are cut down for firewood. Alot meaning many. This is what I had learned. Alot means many or sizable. What really put them over the edge was the day I found one of my old book. I was rereading it and the author had spelled a lot as alot. lol. OMG, did I set off a war then.

I have learned now to really watch how I spell and how I construct my sentence. I have learned that some people who are educated can argue over something as stupid as a single word.

But anyway, this is my funny story about grammar nazis. It isn’t to be too long for the Saturday event. But now you are all aware that they do exist. This once mythical creature does exist!


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