Mr. Nose Knows

A reader recently asked Mr. Nose a question.

“Will I pass college and get a job?”

Mr. Nose consulted the cards and drew out the Queen of Wands, The Star, and the Knight of Pentacles.


“Hmmm” he said.


Then with a glim in his eye, he responded with, “Yes you will pass college. You need to make sure you put your nose to the grindstone and work really hard to keep up your grades. Hard work is important. It looks like a light haired woman with a black cat will help you on your way. Bast is most pleased with your working. She will always send a helper when needed. Look for your help.”

Then he looked at the cards again, looked up, took a whiff of cat nip and responded to the second half of that question, “The perfect position is right around the corner. This position is just what you need to get your nose wet. You will get a message about this great opportunity coming your way. Bast sees all and will send you great tidings. Just remember when you are in the interview room to make sure they know you are very dependable. Show them your hard work and dedication. Just have perseverance when you are job hunting and exercise moderation financially until your big day comes. Money is right around the corner and opportunity keeps knocking. You will love your new employment endeavor.”

Mr. Nose then walked away. He ran through the yard looking for mice.


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