Morning Coffee Break from the Hen House!

Morning is almost over. I have been up since 5 am. Being a farmer means you get up early and start your day cleaning and feeding animals. That is what I did from 6 am to 8 am. I finally got a break from animals and started to clean my house. Then I sat down and ended up at the commons catching up on Day 10 of Blogging 201. Plus all the interruptions of phone calls from 9 this morning. Man, how time flies.

I was cleaning out my deep freezer this morning and guess what I found. A whole tub of whip cream. WHOOT! So excited!

Anywho, here is your daily cup of Joe. I found my troll cup. I really love trolls you know the little dolls. My love started as a child in 1973. I was afraid of the boogeyman. My dad went and found the ugliest thing he could find to ease my fears. He told me the boogeyman couldn’t get me anymore because I had him now. He put him in a trap and when I woke up, he had me check the trap for the monster. My first troll had a green body and pink hair. He was made of green fabric and had a plastic troll head. I wish I still had him. I bet he is worth a ton of cash right now.


I got some amazing shots of the moon last night as well. I will put those in the roundup episode.

As I say, coffee is better with whip cream and sprinkles.


Have an amazing day until the nothing episode. Later Gator!