Here is your Hump Day Round Up Episode About Nothing At All Except Maybe Cheech & Chong.

Today has been long. I was awaken at 3 a.m. with pain. Oh what fun that is. There isn’t anything to really watch on television at 3 a.m. so Netflix here I come. I watched a bunch of old episodes of Emergency. Do you remember that show? I do. My parents watched it faithfully in the 70’s. I know, I just gave away my age. lol. But oh well. I tried to get some sleep in but it has been naps for a few minutes here and there all day. I can’t wait til they get this thing out of me and life can return to normal. I am hungry and really want to eat.

I have 3 more feral mama’s to spay and wouldn’t you know it, they come on August 15th. I have surgery on the 10th. If it is like last time, I will be in the hospital and after I come home, I won’t be wanting to go anywhere. It took me a week to start feeling better last time. I had to go on a laxative to help me go to the bathroom. It felt like I was giving birth to each turd after that “procedure”. That is what they call my surgery, a “procedure”. Not when you are in the OR and under sedation is that a “procedure”. Not when recovery time is spent in the hospital is that a “procedure”. I think these doctors have all gone completely batty!

I am working on my Saturday story for you all. Today Baby Baby and I got 1724 words done on that story. It took us a while to get an idea for the story and then to plan on how it should end. Baby Baby wants to be the bad guy but I told him he already was with the Lois story.

I got some shots of the sky. It looked like rain for a bit but it blew right on by.


Dad stopped. He bought raw hides for Tilly and Ryder. Ryder was happy but Tilly keeps stealing his.


Of course, because I was taking pictures of Ryder and not paying attention to the hens, I got photo bombed by one.


Dave’s business has my house looking like a used car lot. He is working on one person’s engine and it is bad. He has to replace a part on it and clean all the little holes where oil flows. I am not a mechanic so I have no idea what every thing is or what he is doing but I have pictures on flickr. Just click and it will take you there to see what he is doing. But anyway, my yard.


I was working on Saturday’s post and I just kept feeling watched. I looked over to my left and guess what was watching me.


That’s right, A HEN! I took a picture of her since she was watching me.

With everything I do around here, I am really behind talking to everyone in the forum for my blogging class. I need to get to that tomorrow. Or even tonight if I get up at 3 a.m. again.

May your eggs be healthy! May your sky be blue.


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