A Twisted Thursday Episode of Nothing At All with Pictures of Diamond Nose to Boot

This morning at 4 a.m. I was awaken by my face being tickled. Mr. Diamond Nose had gotten into the house from outside by going under my house and coming in through the hole. That is how all the animals get into my house unless they are too big. I was sleeping well til then. Nope. He didn’t want me to sleep at all. I tried with all my might to get him to lay down and sleep. Yeah, right! He decided he needed lovin and wasn’t going to stop til I gave him what he wanted. He just kept nudging and purring. Then he decided it was play time and went after our feet. That woke up Dave. Nice.

We both kept trying to get him to lay down and sleep. Nope. Not happening. After an hour, we gave up. We got up and started our day. Dave didn’t go tree cutting today. Instead he worked on those cars that make my yard look like a used car lot. He has one just about done. He had to call the guy to see if he wanted an engine swap. He doesn’t just yet but will let Dave know when he does. He is just going to run this engine til it dies and then get an engine. Smart thing to do is have the engine at your house until this one blows. That way you can swap fast and be back on the road.

My back and tummy have been really hurting today. I don’t know if I did something yesterday when I helped to push the van off the trailer or what.

I am having issue with my internet AGAIN. It keeps telling me my sites aren’t secure. BS. Since getting AT&T this past year, I hold the record on service calls. I am paying for 6 mbps and I am lucky if I get 2. Most days I get 0.16 mbps. Lucky me, eh. I just keep giving them money and getting kicked. This is why I keep calling them and complaining.

I had to take a ton of pictures of 24 month clothes that are in my rummage sale. I am getting sick of that too. Come on folks. Really? Why can’t you come to the rummage sale? I put it out on every site that I am having one plus pay for it in the paper. What do I get? Endless comments in my other box on facebook wanting pictures from my rummage sale. I got really upset with one woman and told her flat out, ‘come and look yourself. I am out of data and not taking any more pictures for anyone!’ That is just crazy. Get off your lazy arses and come to the damn sale. Look for yourself. How did people get this lazy anyway? I think I need to start making sales ads and mailing them to people’s homes. ‘Oh today I have a sale on lamps. Here are your pretty pictures of my used lamps!’ Do you all see me rolling my eyes?

I tried to get caught up and find as many people as I could from my blogging class. I like reading other people’s posts. I am thinking about crocheting for a while. I haven’t written a word on my Saturday story today. Of course, facebook didn’t help! I would play the violin but my daughter is now playing it. She took it up in kindergarten. My other daughter is playing the flute. They have my guitar strings ruined. I need new ones for the guitar and my house is too small for a piano so I had to get rid of that. Knitting and crocheting help me think. It takes my mind off of what I am doing and lets the creativity flow.

Did I tell you all how much I hate water? Well, I don’t really hate it, but it is all I can drink. I am tired of the taste or should I say the lack of taste. I need to make a run into town to get some supplies. I can buy some lemons, limes, & some frozen fruit to add to my water then. I can stick that into a pitcher with the water and voila, instant flavor. I just want you all to know pancreatitis sucks. I pray it doesn’t become chronic.

Tomorrow I will put up a new coffee mug. My daughter cleaned her room and found my troll cup. YAY!!!!

I will give everyone what the want now. Pictures of Mr. Nose.


May your cell phone never crack! May your dreams come true!


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      1. Sorry about that error. I’ve changed it. You should be able to go right in. A year ago I was doing some housekeeping and forgot to uncheck it. I wondered why no one came knocking. 🙂


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