Hump Day Coffee Madness With Cheech & Chong From the Hen House!

Our pot of coffee is made. We added sprinkles to our coffee. We are out of whipped cream 😦


It is a great morning today. A cool breeze is blowing. Baby Baby and I are playing with the minions. I need to go to town soon for supplies. I am very grateful the docs gave me a different med for the acid reflux. I can have a few cups of coffee now. It has to be like tea but I can have some. I added a shake of yellow sprinkles to my cafe this morning.


I made a pot of Black Cherry Crisp. Very good black but for a kicker, I added in a chocolate creamer. I tried it with the white chocolate as well. Oh, you talk about heaven!


It is suppose to get up to 83 degrees. The cats are already coming in. I have pictures of how dead they were yesterday. Today isn’t going to be any different. I had to help one of Dave’s clients take a van off of his trailer. That was a mistake. Now my tummy hurts. Dave is off with Adrian cutting down trees. They are both making money getting trees trimmed, stumps removed, and taking down dead trees. A Yooper has to do what a Yooper has to do. Plenty of people now have firewood in their yard thanks to those two.


I got a picture of Cheech and Chong up in the cherry tree.


They are so damn cute. Up in the tree, they are. They flew up there.

Lastly, here is last nights moon. It is getting fuller. We are suppose to have a blue moon this month. Can you believe it is already July 29th? Man, how time flies.


Baby Baby and I are off to continue writing Saturday’s story. I will write another nothing episode later.