A Nothing Episode About Taco Tuesday With More Pics of Cheech & Chong

Baby Baby and I started our day outside finishing the story for Friday. We have that done and scheduled. That will be my first here so cross your fingers let’s all hope it works. Baby Baby can still fly so to protect him I put him in a cage. He doesn’t like the cage but it is for his safety. I took a picture of him. I told him to pose for his picture and smile.


That is what I got. Leave it to a bird.

It has been in the 80’s here lately. That is hot for da UP especially since we are used to 30 below. We are all soaking up the heat and loving it. I got a picture of Ryder sleeping in the sunshine and shade of our cherry tree. I loves being outside. He is a rescue dog. He is part beagle and part basset hound. He is going blind so we keep him on a chain. He likes to run when spooked and with my road, well, I don’t want him killed.


The cats have all been laying around looking dead. They are feral and come into my house at the hottest moments of the day to sleep. Why they want to sleep in a house that is hotter than outside I will never know. Zelda’s babies are now playing. I had to give these cats some sort of name so I could get them vet care. I have been taking in ferals left and right to get spayed and neutered. We call Zelda’s babies Carmen (pure white one), Jude (black and white), and Ruby (the only girl who is orange, black, and white). They are getting so big. Soon it will be time for their vet visits.


I made tacos for supper tonight. Yes, Yoopers do eat something besides pasties! We even enjoy pannu kakku for breakfast or dessert. The girls have been asking for tacos for about a month or so now. I had to give in especially when I found little boats to use.


I have wild raspberries growing throughout my yard. I really love them. They are tiny compared to what you get in the store but they are way more yummy. Sweeter than the store ones as well. I am thinking about transplanting all of the bushes to one area of my yard. That should make picking them easier.


And now the pictures everyone really wants to see and the two celebrities of the chicken farm, our mini Rhode Island Reds, Cheech and Chong! I know my mom wants to take them home. They are the cutest little things ever. They squeak when they crow. They are funny. They make the hen house. Here they are. Hot off the presses. Fresh photos from just today!


May your water stay fresh and cold. May your days be filled with plenty. Til next time!

Love the Hen House!