A Caturday Message about Absolutely Nothing!

I love writing about nothing at all! It makes me feel like I am part of a Seinfeld episode. The cats are doing great after their spay/neuter time. I have a ton of ferals in my area and I am not the only farmer taking in cats that need to be fixed or paying for vet bills for unwanted kitties. Although as a rule those of us who farm do as much as we can for any animal. We know they are needed. We respect them as they respect us.

I need a break from writing about muscles and just stories. I can’t wait to go back to work. I am sure by now my clients are in a tizzy about not seeing me. I have been out for a while now. This gallstone is horrible. I just want it out at this point. I will be gone in August to have this out. Therefore, you won’t see me for a few days.

Now onto chickens. I will be receiving a couple of bantam roosters tonight or tomorrow morning. They look like mini Rhode Island Reds. You should hear them crow. They sound so cute. Once I get them, I will add a ton of pics and videos.

I started to clean up my tags and categories here. I am going to link certain post with my other social media sites. This should be a good idea so I think. This way it will bring some people to me while I write. Some of my friends already know how to get to this site since I sent them links.

Baby Baby and I are enjoying the heat. Now we are setting out to get more stories written up. We are discussing a Suspenseful Saturday story. I think Baby Baby watches too many Alfred Hitchcock movies and his telly show. We will be back with more soon.

We are wishing everyone a sunshiny day!!! Go outside and enjoy the heat while you can!!!