Friday Mumblings about Nothing at All.

Oh what a Friday it has been. You know, we have throwback Thursday, thoughtful Thursday, taco Tuesday, hump day Wednesday, manic Monday, Caturday, soulful Sunday, spirit Sunday, but nothing for Friday. What about fantasy Friday? I just found out that they made a flashback Friday.

Today, my fine feathered friends, started with me being late taking the ferals to the vet for their spay/neuter time. I took 2 moms and 4 babies that I could catch and now they are genderless.  Of course, you feel bad for them but then you see them all high on the drugs. Laughter starts happening. It starts becoming funny watching the kittens run around playing with their tongues hanging out. I know I shouldn’t laugh but you can’t help it. I enjoy when they sleep. Then for once I can actually treat them like a real cat. I can pet them and love them. That is my favorite moment. But it is a fleeting one since as soon as the meds are gone, they run out the door and I am once again the enemy.


I even treated the kittens and mamas to cat nip. I hate seeing their little ears tipped but I do know that is important. It will tell our local shelter that this cat is fixed but has been fixed already. If one gets in a trap for the TNR, they will be released to carry on mousing.

After I brought the cats to All About Animals mobile vet clinic, we went out for coffee at Delona’s. It is a great restaurant that was really missed when it closed. Everyone is really loving the fact it is open once more. They have a huge omelet there called the garbage can. That baby is big.

0623151122 This photo was taken June 23, 2015

They really have great food there. I tell everyone to go to Delona’s for something great to eat. Now don’t get me wrong, I have other hang outs I really love to eat at.

We have had a very long day indeed. It was running to the bank, to Copland’s, back to get the cats, stopping at rummage sales, and listening to my mom carry on and on. Her new rant is on her car. Walmart didn’t put the tires on the rims nor did they even move the car to put tires on. Instead they said they couldn’t get it on the lift because it was rotted. The only one who says how rotted it is, is my sister who makes up “stories”. My mom always called her huge whale of a tale “stories”. She is lying. That is what it is. A lie. Exaggerating the truth. She has been this way since she could talk. Everyone knows this. This is why you don’t take her word on it but have it checked out.

I am working on more massage articles. I started one today on the erector spinae muscle. It is actually nine muscles that are close to the spine made up of small fibers. This bundle of muscles are called erectors because that is their main function, keeping you erect and your head held up. The majority of low back pain is caused by your erectors.

I took video of Baby Baby ringing his bell today. I tell him all the time to ring his bell so angels can get their wings.

My cousin, John John’s daughter Ally is in Ann Arbor. She is 15 and just had her baby, Blake. He is 15 weeks premature. Today they had to put him on antibiotics. His breathing is shallow and tummy is bloated.Keep them in your prayers. They sure do need them. They put together a go fund me for Blake and Ally. They are going to have a ton of expenses. This isn’t going to be cheap.

Well, Baby Baby and I are off. We are thinking about writing a fantasy story for next Friday! Maybe we can make Friday’s Fantasy Friday! I really am sick of writing about muscles. Can you tell? It gets a bit boring and it is really hard to find a creative way to write about them.

Have yourself a brilliant evening! Light a fire and gaze at the stars!