What are muscles?

When you are attending massage school, one of your main classes is muscles class. Massage therapists are expected to know the names, origins/insertions (aka attachment sites), location, and each muscle movement. Massage school is never easy.

What are muscles?

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A muscle is fibrous tissue that contracts and relaxes to produce movement or maintain a position.

What is fibrous tissue?

It is a band of specialized cells used together which allows the body to do something special like move your arm or digest your food. I am not sure of the percentage of your body that is made up of this tissue, but I can bet it is 100% or less. We are nothing but cells formed together to make the human machine. Each of these cells decide what kind of tissue they will make and then a white band of tissue will connect everything together some call it fat but really it is connective tissue.

tendon-white fibrous tissue100xThis is tendon white fibrous tissue

What are the different types of muscle tissue?

While you are in muscles class you learn about the different types of muscle tissue. The three types are smooth (visceral), skeletal, and cardiac. Cardiac is a muscle tissue all its own and really only found in the heart. Smooth or visceral muscles are what your organs are made up of. Massage therapist usually don’t work on smooth muscle unless they have a certification in lymphatic massage. Massage therapist  work on skeletal muscles.

In all we have between 600-700 muscles in the human body. Each performs a movement or set of movements in conjunction with other muscles.


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