Chickens In My House

I left the door open.

My biggest mistake!

The chickens decided to come into my place!

I was in the bathroom with my meal on the table.

I came out and noticed the chickens ate my steak!

They are on my cupboard spilling my milk!

Tipping over the coffee pot and eating the tomatoes!

They are sitting on my chair watching television while pecking at my remote!

They look at me with their beady eyes like I am next on their plate!

I think I need help!

Since they won’t let me sleep!

I just know they are after me!

I put up a sign, but they ignore it.

I can’t keep the chickens out of my house!

They stole my car and drove it into a tree!

They climbed out of it and ran across the street!

The neighbors called the cops, but they blamed me!

Since chickens aren’t allowed to have a driver’s license.

Yet, they still come into my house!

Someone tell the chickens to get out of my house!


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