Who wants to play a game of caption this? Dirty is thinking something. I am sure happy he is home again. This is our boy who was missing for 4 months. Never thought a neutered cat would run away, but he did. He came home with an embedded collar. $700 later and he is healing really great. 

The Chickens are laying again

“WE HAVE EGGS!”  That was the screaming I heard as my daughter flew into the house from the garage. She was all excited that the chickens were laying again. She brought in a whole basket of brown eggs. We had four dozen after we cleaned them. 

We discovered that five of the eight baby chicks are roosters. Mom has named them: Robert, Richard, Rocky, Ramone, and Rudolph. We still have Raymond and Roger from last year. 

It is good to know they have made it through the winter. They are back in the coop once again, and i have my garage back. 

We are still selling eggs at $2 a dozen. We are also looking for the Easter eggers. 

The chickens really love it when my mum comes for a visit. They love to sit on her lap. She is always surrounded by the chicks.