Chickens are doing better

I am grateful my chickens are healing well and they are laying eggs again. Whatever attacked them left some scars. We lost 3 of our precious roosters. The last one I didn’t even know he was injured until I took him to the vet. It was too late though and we couldn’t save him but he did his job and protected the hens. 

If anyone ever tells you not to feed roosters and they say they are worthless, remember, my roosters died protecting the flock. Now you can say they aren’t as useless as you think. 

I have them locked in my garage still. They won’t go back to the coop. I will have to construct a new one for them in the spring. Too much trauma there for them, I guess. 

Please, continue to send prayers, good healing energy, or whatever you believe to the chickens. They need it. 

Have a Merry Chickmas!