Chickens are doing better

I am grateful my chickens are healing well and they are laying eggs again. Whatever attacked them left some scars. We lost 3 of our precious roosters. The last one I didn’t even know he was injured until I took him to the vet. It was too late though and we couldn’t save him but he did his job and protected the hens. 

If anyone ever tells you not to feed roosters and they say they are worthless, remember, my roosters died protecting the flock. Now you can say they aren’t as useless as you think. 

I have them locked in my garage still. They won’t go back to the coop. I will have to construct a new one for them in the spring. Too much trauma there for them, I guess. 

Please, continue to send prayers, good healing energy, or whatever you believe to the chickens. They need it. 

Have a Merry Chickmas! 

Nine Things A Permaculture Gardener Needs To Provide For Chickens

What a great article for the beginner chicken farmer! 

Nine Things A Permaculture Gardener Needs To Provide For Chickens

Rough Week


I have had a hell of a week. Anything negative that can happen has.

I have been hearing strange howling noises from the woods. Horrible sounding. Like put all your hair up, send shivers down your spine because something is dying, howling. It doesn’t sound like the usual howling like from wolves and coyotes. This is scary howling. I have chickens coming up missing. I mean no blood, no body, no nothing. just gone, MIA, chickens. And Crook, my black and white rooster, I found dead. I locked up what I have left in the garage. Whatever that scary thing is in the woods isn’t getting any more of my animals. 

Dave found out on Wednesday that his Grandma, 87, fell and broke her neck. She got out of surgery Thursday night. She is doing good but still in a ton of pain and on pain meds for it.

Dave’s paycheck didn’t make it at all to the bank on Friday. We are still waiting for it to hit. He is talking to his boss today to find it so we can get our bills paid.

I am seriously thinking about doing a cleansing for my house. Joe, my macaw, hasn’t been doing well. Ryder’s seizures are getting worse. Funny thing is that dog never had seizures until we moved into this house. The animals are really suffering here for some odd ball reason. 



Our phone lines have been acting up as well as the internet which is why I am not on very much. I have no clue what is going on with them. When we pick up the phone, we can hear an echo, and then it sounds like someone is picking up another phone. It is totally strange and weird. When someone tries to call, they get a busy signal or it rings forever which it should never do since I have an answering machine. 

We have been having trouble since day 1 with our furnace. We think we have it finally fixed. Let’s cross our fingers. 


Then on Saturday night Simon, my quaker parrot, and Tom, my cockatiel, both decided to cross rainbow bridge together. 


Well that has been my week. It has been rough. Now it is snowing today. I hope everyone had a way better week than I did. Here is to a new week. I hope the blessings abound this week.