What Chickens Eat

I put dog food out for the dogs and found the chickens eating it. I put out cat food for the cats and find the chickens eating it. Good lord they eat anything! I am learning lots with these chickens. It has been raining all day today. They were out when it wasn’t raining, but then decided it was coop time when the storms started bad. They are nesting in the garage now and no where else. All of the hens nest in the exact same spot! 

The roosters are starting to go after everyone if you don’t feed them cookies or some other treat. Have not been giving that to the hens but I have 5 roosters and they like the sweet stuff. They have been eating the apples that I didn’t get off the tree. I still have more to pick off of it. I am trying to pick them, can them fast, and then get more. 

We finally got a handle for the barn door, but it keeps falling apart. Trying to get it to stay and work right. I have one rose bush thriving and I finally have a beautiful flower on it. 

We are still cleaning around the property. The people before us have garbage buried and just thrown all over the place. I am thinking about getting a dumpster to put some of it in. The wood we have been burning in our firepit at night. I have to say, I really love the freedom. The farming will continue. Hopefully next year I can get a full garden in. Then I will be really busy canning in the fall. 

This is what life is really about. Living like we should. Farming the land, raising the chickens, having to fix and build. I love it. What can I say? I have always been a farm girl.