Apple Tree

I have been picking the ripe apples off my tree. I have a ton sitting in my kitchen at the moment. I am looking like an insane person all over the internet for great applesauce recipes. I can’t wait to can some. I am also thinking about canning some into apple pie filling. That way when I want pie, I just open the jar and put it in the pie crust. Voila!. 

My other tree I need to figure out exactly what it is. It is either a Rowan AKA Mountain Ash or an English Hawthorn. Both I have read make excellent jams/jellies and are edible. I have to do more research and I am looking at finding someone who knows trees to help me identify it. I can’t wait to really know what it is. If it is one of these two trees, I can have some excellent jelly for my sandwiches.