Da Daily Chicken Drama

*This is from my facebook page. I keep forgetting I should write this here instead. lol*
Let me tell cha, my yard is like a giant outhouse. Between the dogs and the chickens, I have shit all over the damn place. Just spent the morning cleaning it all up AGAIN and I know by later today, I will be back in my work clothes cleaning it up AGAIN. On a positive note, I have more eggs! Got 5 eggs just today! I have had a few broken eggs and I found one chickens nest to late out in the weeds. I marked the 6 she had there and stuck those in the coop. I keep going to her spot daily to look for new ones. I have one that lays eggs in the garage. I have to work tomorrow which I am grateful for. This way I can get the wood for the rest of the new coop we are putting up. Dave and I have been arguing on whether or not to use cement in the coop. I want cement so I can power wash the damn thing. I want a pipe in da middle of the floor with a drain pipe going outside so when I wash it, it doesn’t build up on the floor. He says it will be bad in winter. Who da hell cares! The girls will just end up with an ice rink! Geesh. He says hay will work as well. I say once the hay is removed you have to clean what is under the hay, dumbass! I want a better self cleaning coop! Geesh, it is bad enough the poor damn chickens will have to be caged in dere from October to June! Maybe I can talk him into planting grass on the floor? Then he can make a poop shoot! I can rake it out the poop shoot. How’s that DUMBASS?
Then I asked my Dad if he wanted some eggs. He won’t take my eggs because my chickens run all over da yard. He would much rather buy them from the store. I am thinking next time he comes over, which should be anytime today, showing him what corporate chickens have to endure. Yeah, once he sees what really goes on in a chicken factory farm, he will be totally grateful for my eggs. That is why I want my own chickens. I have more chicken drama but then I have to put it in a note instead of the status.