Pruning the trees

Spent most of this morning pruning the apple tree and found way up top of my cherry tree more of those damn worms. Got those down. Will be having a worm roasting party later tonight. My poor trees. 


Egg Candling.

We had to figure out how to egg candle. You use egg candling to see if the egg is fertilized. Well, it doesn’t really tell you right away. If you incubate the eggs, it will tell you if something is growing in there. I had to research eggs to really figure out how to tell an unfertilized egg from a fertilized one. It appears that one not fertilized has a small irregular ring in the yoke. A fertilized one looks like a bullseye in the yoke. I will put up pictures one day of us doing it. You need a really dark room and a bright light to see through the egg. It is really cool. Pictures to follow as I think of it.