Chickens and other news.

It appears 2 of my chickens are roosters or as I call them WOOSTERS. They are still learning to crow. I am working on a couple of fictional stories on my free time. I have been checking all around Cornell for news to see if there is anything anyone would want to read or see. I have been working on getting my stuff unpacked and placed where I want it. 

I have now decided that the living room color I want is APPLE GREEN or GREEN APPLE. Whatever you want to call it. I think it will go great with the red curtains and couch. 

We put the table up under the apple trees. The trees are buzzing with honey bees. Wild honey bees which I want to follow some night so I can find their honey. What a treasure that will be! I have more pictures I can put up of the trees. I really love those trees. 

I am once again back to being a farmer. Oh lucky me.  Or not. I do enjoy the fire pit and the trees. I am enjoying my garden and chickens. My pets love the fact they can go outside and play. There are benefits to living out in the middle of no where. 

Here in da U.P., our state bird is the mosquito. Here is one doing the mosquito slap or slam. They try to suck gas and oil out of cars and blood from people or animals. They fall in coffee or anything you drink. They drive you nuts when you sleep. Nothing works on these mosquitoes. All the stores are sold out of Off and other keep mosquitoes away chemicals which don’t work by the way. So here you go mosquito fans. Cheer him on if you can.